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Elected Experience: Libertarian Party of Washington, Regional Director (Two Terms)

Other Professional Experience: Major, US Army (retired); Defense Threat Reduction Agency Certified, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Certified, Federal Emergency Management Agency Certified

Education: Eastern Michigan University, BS in Public Safety Administration with a concentration in Criminal Investigation, Army Logistic, and Management College graduate.

Community Service: 2019 WDVA Distinguished Service award. 2019 Libertarian Party Community Service award. 2019 Chinese American recognition award.

Statement: More than words, continuing my service in my legislative district. I have worked on numerous legislation that advocates for individual rights and protection. I have spoken out against continued taxation at rallies, fighting the cost of living increase that is making Washington less affordable for families. I work with community outreach addressing food insecurities and homelessness in our communities to include veteran homeless task force, a growing issue within the State. I am an advocate for affordable housing and zoning law reform. I am a responsible steward of public lands and a strong advocate for conservation education.

2019 WDVA Award Night
2019 WDVA Award Night

Allen Acosta

Allen was born in 1972 in Manila, Philippines. His father immigrated to the US first, then later with his mother. Allen immigrated to the US when he was seven years old during contentious times, during martial law in the Philippines. 

Detroit Immigration Photo
Detroit Immigration Photo

Allen graduated from Eastern Michigan University in Public Safety Administration. After college, he entered Military service as a US Army Officer. He served 17yrs in military service and a recipient of the Purple Heart, wounded during combat operations. 

Other badges and medals he had received include the following: Combat Action Badge, Meritorious Service Medal (2 awards), Army Commendation Medal (4 awards), Iraqi Service Medal with two campaign stars, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Airborne Badge and Rigger Badge.

Foreign awards to include German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency in Gold, German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency in Gold and Canadian Airborne Wings.

Allen has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines, and Operation New Dawn.

Allen’s has 17 years of applied leadership throughout his decorated Military career. Allen’s career highlights include US Foreign Affairs working with the US State Department, Host Nations, Foreign Military departments, and other US Federal agencies. He has held top-level security clearances with an official government passport. He has first-hand experience in full-spectrum nation-building and sustainment operations totaling close to $150 million dollars in budgets, to include supervising a $650 million dollar contract on a budget committee, with a top rating of fiscal accountability. 

Allen understands National Defense and Security and has taken lead roles in force and facility protection in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. 

Allen has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Administration with a concentration in Criminal Investigation, also earned certifications from Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and others. 

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Repeal all restrictions on health care providers: such as midwives, nurse practitioners, and others. Abolish the Certificate of Need (CON)Program. The current Covid-19 Pandemic has highlighted the need to repeal CON program and help better prepare for future crisis. Who benefits? Women, children, the elderly, low income people, and the tax payers.

Support choice in education. This is about freedom of speech. Society long ago demanded that religion be separated from the state. The time has come to separate the non-religious world of science, history, and philosophy from the state to protect freedom of speech from pre-school to university graduate programs.  Let the teachers teach. They should not have to answer to an office downtown, in a local district, in the state capitol, or in Washington D.C. Trust the teachers to teach.
Who benefits? Teachers, students, and parents.   
59.6% met the English Language Arts standards, 48.9% met the math standards, 46.7 met the science standards. That is 50% or more failure in 2 of 3 standards. 

Abolish restrictions on self-defense:  The right to defend your life, property, and the lives of others is as important as any other right and should not be infringed by the government. The failure to test some 8,000 or more rape kits of victims tells us what the government’s real priorities are when they ignore this issue but continue to arrest people for victimless crimes. 

Abolish land use laws and other housing regulations:
“On February 14, 2008, a Seattle Times article showed that almost forty-five percent of the price of a home was to cover the costs of “land-use regulations”. On a $447,800 home, $200,000 of that price was for regulations.  ADU needs to be legalized and does partition a home. Who benefits? As supply increases the price of housing will not increase as fast. Prices could actually decline. Other factors will influence this. Renters will benefit, low income, and first-time buyers. An increase in disposable income will help stabilize families and benefit the local economy with more money available to be spent locally.

Abolish business licensing laws: We engage in trade to provide food, shelter, and clothing for ourselves and families. When the government requires a license they are selling you your right to engage in that trade. This includes Certificate of Need Laws and Cottage Food laws.
Who benefits? Anyone wishing to run a business from home, usual mothers with children at home, low-income people, especially women.

Abolish occupational licensing laws: In our nation, these laws have been used to restrict competition. In 1950 about 5% of jobs required some license, today 35% of jobs do. 

Repeal zoning and other related laws: Zoning and other housing regulations have spread our cities out and require more driving which contributes to unnecessary auto emissions.

Open the transit market to the competition: Some of the most polluting vehicles are those owned by low-income people who do not have access to other transportation services. In most American cities the government has made it virtually impossible to own and operate a private transportation business.  By opening the transportation business to other types of
providers, low-income people will then have access to alternatives that may reduce the number of older polluting cars on the roads.